Project Description

System Glaze Specification


The System Glaze Movable Walling System delivers all the aesthetics of a shop- front, but in a  Movable Walling Solution. Reusable’s Frameless Glass system makes it possible to create continuous glass panel walls without vertical support and without the need for unsightly bracing  fins. The system maximise the amount of natural light in a space. It is ideal for creating meeting  rooms and executive offices in open plan spaces. The Frameless Glass Movable Walling System is a fully demountable system. It consists of extruded aluminium profiles fixed to the floor and ceiling that hold toughened or laminate glass sheets in place.  The system uses either single or double glazed panels with transparent polycarbonate joints and acoustic insulation gaskets. Frameless Glass creates great demarcated offices,  corridors and spaces. Reusable’s Frameless Glass allows one to create an endless glass wall that maximises natural  lighting. Creating brighter and more attractive spaces. These features result in friendlier and  more productive environments. Because the panels do not require vertical posts, walls can be  specified with unlimited butt-glazing. This allows one to design spaces without visual breaks as a result of the profiles being thinner and smaller. The aluminium tracks go unnoticed. The solid glass  wall facades are finished with hinged or sliding transparent doors to complete the system. Traditional shop-front installations are often beautiful but they are labour intensive and expensive.  This results in excess material waste and a work space that cannot be relocated. Reusable’s Frameless Glass Movable Walling System is created in our factory to ensure timely installation  and minimum disruption on site. This results in less waste on site and saves valuable time and money.

Product Information

• Dimensions as per AAAMSA regulations
• Screen panel options and different finishes available

• Approximately 30mm

• 50mm Solid Panel
• 50mm Glass Panel
• 100mm Solid Panel
• 100mm Glass Panel

• Glass
• Decorative vinyl and wallpapers (Digitally Printed)
• Sandblast/Frosted Decals

• Single/double glazed doors
• Single/ Double Solid doors with painted or
veneer finishes

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