Project Description

23 mm Wide Specification

Floor Based Screens

The Floor Based Screens from Reusable Walling Systems are sleek low-level, floor based screens. The system is fully stackable and flexible, the design of the aluminium sections allows for the screen to be curved. The emphasis is on creating cordoned off spaces with ease by minimising the number of components used. The screen design is multi- functional, incorporating both a low-level, solid panel, and as

Desk Based Screens

Reusable Walling Systems Desk Based Screens are an aluminium framed low level desk based screening system. It is our most flexible offering ? the screens can be curved vertically, horizontally and diagonally. And it is our only system that can be stacked. Aluminium framed power panels designed for particularly high tech applications expands the capability of the product. It meets all voice and data requirements by centralising all cabling in the base of the unit. Accessing all cabling is madequick and easy as a result of the removeable cover. Reusable Walling Systems Floor and Desk Based Screens comprise of either a board or acoustic dampening foam centre surrounded by a rigid aluminium frame. They have interchangeable end covers which facilitates panel-to-panel junctions without poles, therefore reducing costs. The design of the angled junction end cap, in conjunction with an ‘H’ piece, has given the system the ability to create a multitude of angles without any additional manufactured components. The interchangeable end covers also means that a run of screens can be finished off aesthetically. The hollow design of the glazing section gives this particular section immense strength for its size. This allows the Floor and Desk Based Screens to make use of less rigid glazing mediums such as Lexan without any loss of structural strength. The compact design of the external aluminium sections allows for the screen to be curved, not only through its height but also across its length. This technology has allowed interior designers the ability to create more organic flowing forms.

Product Information

• Height: Up To 1800mm
• Width: Up To 1500mm
• Solid and glazed panel finishes available

• 23mm

• Frameless Glass
• 50mm Solid Panel
• 50mm Glass Panel

• RAW MDF Board
• Fabric with 2mm foam backing
• Wood Veneer
• Selected upholstery fabrics
• Painted boards
• Decorative vinyl and wallpapers (Digitally Printed)
• Laminates
• Lattice work
• White boards / pin boards
• Glass / Coloured Perspex elements can be added

• Differs per finish

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