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Reusable have a range of acoustic products that assist in acoustic insulation by absorbing and/or restricting  flow of sound waves in rooms or between spaces.

Constructed from wood and containing acoustic insulation material, these panels are normally finished off in a range of fabrics. These panels are highly effective sound absorption options that “deaden” or absorb sound in areas like board rooms, multi media rooms, training rooms or open plan areas like call centres.

Acousti-Blok offers high performance sound reduction solutions for multiple projects. Ideal for hotels, hospitals, construction sites, industrial areas and other projects where sound control are important. Acousti-Blok is a heavy yet flexible viscoelastic polymer material that provides sound reduction through a unique adiabatic process. Rather than attempting to block or absorb sound, Acousti-Blok transforms sound energy into inaudible friction energy as the material exes from sound waves. A 3mm thick layer in a single stud wall assembly can provide more sound reduction than 305mm of poured concrete. Acousti-Blok is UL classified for wall, floor and ceiling re-rated assemblies. And it can be fixed to wood framing or metal framing prior to dry wall, ceiling or floor installation.

Acousti-Blok All-weather Sound Panels are designed to withstand hostile indoor and outdoor environments. Panels have an inner layer of Acousti-Blok Sound Isolation Material. With an NRC rating of 1.0 these rigid framed sound panels not only absorb extreme levels of sound, but also block sound and have an STC rating of 29 with only a 61mm panel thickness. Acousti-Blok All-weather Sound Panels are easily installed and easily moved. They resist sun, water, dirt, UV and mold. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor high energy noise applications. Ideal for roadway, railway, HVAC, gymnasiums, construction, engine and generator rooms and many other industrial projects.

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